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At Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco, PLLC and Blood Logic, Inc. we work in close partnership with you towards developing your natural healing plan. What you do not need is a generalized “one size fits all approach.”  Our approach for clarifying your health issues, finding hidden causes of your health problem(s) and developing natural solutions has been woven into our carefully designed longevity approach that we call The Blood Detective’s Longevity Plan. We believe that developing a Metabolic Map of your entire body by performing specialized health tests (e.g., biomarkers) is a truly holistic way of viewing, appreciating and managing your health concerns. As a concierge practice, we make ourselves truly available to you.  As a paperless office we are concerned about the world environment as it affects our “internal environment”…namely, your health.


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Weight loss, poor memory, intestinal issues, hormone problems, pain, fatigue, muscle aches and pains…whatever your health concerns(s), Dr. Michael Wald, The BloodDDetective has the answers…naturally. The Blooddetective blog is filled with dozens of radio shows on just about every health topic that you can think of. “Ask The Blooddetective is Dr. Wald’s weekly radio show covering nutrition and naturopatic, dietary and exercise, disease and health topics.



Dr. Michael Wald, Blood Detective, author of Frankenfoods and Supervisor of Longevity Services at Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, NY 914-242-8844 / /

Dr. Michael Wald, Blood Detective, author of Frankenfoods and Supervisor of Longevity Services at Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, NY 914-242-8844 / /

The FDA must premarket approve any food additives, defined as any substance added to a food product that has a significantly different structure, amount or function than other substances currently in the food. These additives must be approved whether or not they are products of genetic modification or biotechnology. The FDA uses recombinant DNA techniques to test whether a substance in food is an additive. However, if a product developed through genetic modification contains nothing significantly different from the original food, it is not required for that product to be premarket approved.

Products genetically engineered to contain pesticides or herbicides are also regulated by the EPA. The EPA’s oversight seems to be missing the boat in its lack of awareness of the potential health risks of GMOs, evidenced by the fact that GMOs are all over the supermarket. What the FDA and EPA do not consider are the potential health dangers of combinations of individual chemicals that have been separately approved for human consumption. Even if the level of herbicides consumed by the average person is considered safe (I take issue with this assumption), there is no assurance that this is a “safe” amount of herbicide combined over a lifetime with other toxins in foods, drinks, the air and from other means.

Sadly, the environment inside and outside of our bodies has become more toxic than ever. These cumulative effects are known as bioaccumulation. When the body become overwhelmed with various toxins and cannot adequately detoxify them, health problems often result. Subtle or mysterious symptoms such as unexplained fatigue, memory issues, aches and pains, and chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases, cancers, diabetes, infertility and others may be, at least in part, the result of a lifetime of toxin accumulation. The concept of toxicity is not taken seriously in traditional medicine, except in extreme cases where the individual is exposed to toxicity at a work site. GMO manufacturers ignore the concept of bioaccumulation, leaving the public to fend for themselves. Thankfully, there are holistic or complementary health care providers with expertise in detoxification and health building.