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At Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco, PLLC and Blood Logic, Inc. we work in close partnership with you towards developing your natural healing plan. What you do not need is a generalized “one size fits all approach.”  Our approach for clarifying your health issues, finding hidden causes of your health problem(s) and developing natural solutions has been woven into our carefully designed longevity approach that we call The Blood Detective’s Longevity Plan. We believe that developing a Metabolic Map of your entire body by performing specialized health tests (e.g., biomarkers) is a truly holistic way of viewing, appreciating and managing your health concerns. As a concierge practice, we make ourselves truly available to you.  As a paperless office we are concerned about the world environment as it affects our “internal environment”…namely, your health.

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Weight loss, poor memory, intestinal issues, hormone problems, pain, fatigue, muscle aches and pains…whatever your health concerns(s), Dr. Michael Wald, The BloodDDetective has the answers…naturally. The Blooddetective blog is filled with dozens of radio shows on just about every health topic that you can think of. “Ask The Blooddetective is Dr. Wald’s weekly radio show covering nutrition and naturopatic, dietary and exercise, disease and health topics.

Are Doctors Failing Their Patients?


Is Personalized (Concierge) Health Care for Everyone?

People commonly complain, and studies have verified, that doctors do not spend enough time listening to their patients during medical visits. In fact, failure to adequately assess a health problem can result in suffering due to failure to properly diagnoses and treat health problems. Unnecessary procedures with potential side effects are often recommended. HMO/PPO structure of medical practice force doctors to cram their schedules with as many patients as possible, over double or triple booking patients, to receive a small fee reimbursement from insurance companies.  Thus, overly booked doctors are seeing too many patients in too short a period of time resulting in inadequate care and significant patient dissatisfaction. Furthermore, the public is demanding more and more preventative health care and not merely disease care. Personalized, longevity “health” care is here right now…and demand is at an all time high!

Concierge medicine, or paying more to have virtually unlimited access to your doctor, is nothing new…but personalized “health care”.  Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, P.C. is a longevity facility, providing regular medical services and nutritional approaches, within a concierge “health care model” (as opposed to only disease care) and personalized attention.

Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, P.C. have developed what is called the, Blood DetectiveTM Longevity Program that is focused on disease care and pro-active longevity (wellness) approaches to delay the onset of disease and maximize quality of life (for a full description go to:  The “original Blood Detective” Dr. Michael Wald, director of nutritional services at the clinic says, “Disease care is easy. The patient has a symptom and a medication, or many, is prescribed. Health care for longevity purposes (building health) requires far more attention to the patient that mainstream medicine is designed to provide.”

The Blood DetectiveTM LongevityProgram consists of four major components all geared towards preventing mental decline, weight gain and degenerative disease and includes a workup of detailed health questionnaires to uncover (“detect”) hidden health problems and clarify existing one’s for better health care and a 2-phase evaluation of each individual consisting of:

1) Nutrition Tests and Dietary Review

2) Exhaustive laboratory and other tests to assess hormone levels, immune function, intestinal absorption and detoxification.

Dr. Wald says, “balancing hormones, intestine, immune and detoxification can improve one’s quality of life now…and reduce disease risk later promoting a longer a much higher quality life. A health plan is developed based on these evaluations and the person is taught what is wrong and what they, and their concierge health doctors, can proactively do to promote health.  The doctors at this concierge clinic provide their cell phone numbers and emails to patients so no concern or communication is left unanswered.  The catch – NO INSURANCE IS ACCEPTED. The reason says Dr. Michael Wald and Dr. Nilay Shah? “On average a medical office spends upwards of 40% of its time and attention to insurance forms and reimbursement. We reasoned that our approach to health and wellness simply cannot work within the traditional medical model. The length of the average visit with one’s internist is 12 minutes. There is simply no time for much wellness education and advice to take place in 12 minutes. By not accepting insurance we have created a structure of practice management that allows us to teach seminars, conduct research for our patients and provide a level of personalized care that otherwise could not be “jammed in” to a traditional medical practice. Sadly, some people bring useful natural health information to their traditional models practicing within our current “disease care” model in the United States, only to be left confused that their doctors do not seem to “get it”. We have the Blood Detective Concierge Longevity Program as our model, and by not accepting and being limited by the insurance companies, we can pay much more attention to our patients health goals.”

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