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At Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco, PLLC and Blood Logic, Inc. we work in close partnership with you towards developing your natural healing plan. What you do not need is a generalized “one size fits all approach.”  Our approach for clarifying your health issues, finding hidden causes of your health problem(s) and developing natural solutions has been woven into our carefully designed longevity approach that we call The Blood Detective’s Longevity Plan. We believe that developing a Metabolic Map of your entire body by performing specialized health tests (e.g., biomarkers) is a truly holistic way of viewing, appreciating and managing your health concerns. As a concierge practice, we make ourselves truly available to you.  As a paperless office we are concerned about the world environment as it affects our “internal environment”…namely, your health.

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Your children are special and they deserve special and personalized nutrition. Poor nutrition can cause or worsen symptoms seen in AD(H)D, tourette’s syndrome, anxiety, depression, phobias and other common problems seen in young people. Dr. Michael Wald has been working with children and young adults for his entire 29 yr career. “It is beyond gratifying when I can help a child and family enjoy life just a little bit more”, says Dr. Wald.

Dr. Wald believes that your children are the most precious thing in your life…”let’s keep our kids healthy naturally” - Dr. Wald

Dr. Wald believes that your children are the most precious thing in your life…”let’s keep our kids healthy naturally” - Dr. Wald

YOUR CHILD’s health is everything...brain issues, overweight, hyperactivity…dr. wald is ready and capable to help!

Dr. Wald is the father of three children so he knows how to help kids stay and get healthy naturally

Plus 30-years of nutritional-clinical experience allows Dr. Wald to get to the causes of kids health problems and find natural solutions. “Helping to restore your child’s health



Scientific studies have shown that many children, even overweight children, are nutritionally deficient (known as over-consumptive malnutrition) of various vitamins, minerals as well as certain types of essential amino acids, fats and carbohydrates.

Deficiencies can lead to obvious problems like poor healing, but also to more insidious health issues like poor behavior, attention issues, hyperactivity and processing problems to name a few.

Dr. Wald takes the hard work out of figuring out what your child needs in these ways:

  • Food intake review

  • Nutritionally oriented tests (i.e, blood, urine, saliva, etc.)

  • Dr. Wald’s 30 years of clinical experience with children

  • Detailed health and nutritionally-oriented questionnaires


Children & natural health simply go together…

Here are just some of the conditions that Dr. Wald provides expert nutritional advice and support…

  • Attention Deficit Disorder & Hyperactivity

  • Malabsorption Syndromes

  • Autism

  • Neuro-sensory Disorders

  • Asperger Syndrome

  • Psoriasis

  • Overweight

  • Eczema

  • Seizures

  • Spectrum Disorders

  • Immune Issues

  • Neuromusculoskeletal pain/stiffness

  • Throat and Ear Infections

  • Intestinal Issues

  • Weight Problems