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At Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco, PLLC and Blood Logic, Inc. we work in close partnership with you towards developing your natural healing plan. What you do not need is a generalized “one size fits all approach.”  Our approach for clarifying your health issues, finding hidden causes of your health problem(s) and developing natural solutions has been woven into our carefully designed longevity approach that we call The Blood Detective’s Longevity Plan. We believe that developing a Metabolic Map of your entire body by performing specialized health tests (e.g., biomarkers) is a truly holistic way of viewing, appreciating and managing your health concerns. As a concierge practice, we make ourselves truly available to you.  As a paperless office we are concerned about the world environment as it affects our “internal environment”…namely, your health.

Chelation Therapy References


Thank you for consulting our scientific reference section. Below is just a small sample of the supportive studies regarding your particular area of interest. Studies may be directly or indirectly related to this area of health care. We pride ourselves upon "thinking outside of the box" such that we base much of our wellness approaches upon a scientific evidence base.  It is important for you to realize that the references below are not provided to necessarily support the particular approach described within this section of our website.  If you would like further evidence or support or simply have questions please feel free to email us directly at: or call us at 914-242-8844 (Ext. 1). There are increased risk of blood clots, leading to myocardial infarction and sudden death beginning six months after medicated stents are implanted in patients following percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty. Intravenous EDTA may be safe and effective for treating patients who have implanted medicated stents. There is evidence supporting EDTA chelation therapy and its possible prevention of hyper-coagulability. - New secondary analyses of data from the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) suggest that the EDTA-based chelation treatments produced a marked reduction in cardiovascular events and death in patients with diabetes but not in those without diabetes.    Scientific Rationale for Intravenous EDTA Chelation Therapy    EDTA Chelation Therapy - Why is it being being denied access to victims of heart disease?  - Chelation for Coronary Artery Disease Chelation therapy with sodium edetate (EDTA) improved renal function and slowed the progression of renal insufficiency in patients subjected to lead intoxication. This data provides evidence that EDTA treatment is able to protect rat kidneys from ischemic damage possibly through the stimulation of NO production. This study reports the usefulness of chelation therapy for the remission of symptoms caused by previous treatment with mercury-containing pharmaceuticals: a case report. This study reports the safety and efficacy of high dose intravenous desferrioxamine for reduction of iron overload in sickle cell disease. The study demonstrated a significant decrease in liver iron burden with high dose intermittent IV DFO. Integrative medicine and the role of modified citrus pectin/alginates in heavy metal chelation and detoxification. Five case studies show the reduction of heavy metal toxicity by modified citrus pectin. This study demonstrates that multiple sessions of EDTA chelation therapy protect lipids against oxidative damage. Furthermore, standard high amounts of vitamin C added to EDTA chelation solutions also display short-term prooxidant effects. This study suggests that glutathione administration with EDTA might be an effective treatment modality for patients with cadmium intoxication. This study suggests that the combination of EDTA chelation, phototherapeutic keratectomy and amniotic membrane transplantation is safe and effective for the treatment of band keratopathy (a non inflammatory disease of the cornea). This study suggests that the introduction of EDTA chelation and multi-vitamin-trace mineral therapy improved renal function and creatinine clearance significantly improved. This study suggests that the new chelation regimes, together with cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) have contributed significantly to the reduction in cardiac morbidity and mortality in patients with thalassaemia. This study reports the role of thiols, dithiols, nutritional factors and interacting ligands in the toxicology of mercury. It suggests that Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), a disulfide, and its metabolite dihydrolipoic acid (DHLA), a dithiol, have also been shown to have chelation properties when used in an appropriate manner. This article reports a successful treatment of potentially fatal heavy metal poisonings. This study reviews quercetin within the presence of EDTA inhibits quercetin oxidation. This study reports that EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraaceticacid) was used as a chelating agent to extract the Nickel. This study suggests that chelation with EDTA stabilizes the structure of both wild-type rhodopsin and the most prevalent rhodopsin RP mutation, P(23)H.