Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation

Dr. Michael Wald is the author of two popular books among Anti-Aging doctors entitled: The Encyclopedia of Nutritional Laboratory Tests and, The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Nutritional Tests. Dr. Wald literally invented the Blood Logic System (computer program) helping him figure out your unique bio-nutritional needs. Although his technology is considered experimental, we are excited to make it available to all of our patients.

Traditional medicine has only remedial training in nutrition and is trained in only the RDA (minimal) governmental requirements of various nutrients to prevent nutritional deficiency. We are committed to helping to figure out your nutritional needs in these and other ways:

  • Careful health history and review of symptoms and signs
  • By using many focused health questionnaires
  • Visual inspection that helps provide additional and potentially supportive information regarding nutritional issues
  • We often use dozens of different nutritional markers, standard and advanced laboratory testing and other non-blood technologies to help "put all of the pieces together"
  • Ongoing research using the National Library of Medicine and the Cochrane Data Base
  • Years of clinical experience, education and commitment