The Blood Detective™ Longevity Program

                                          The Mission of Blood DetectiveNutritionals

                  A special nutrition company born from Dr. Wald’s own experience with disease.

                Michael Wald, DC, MD, DACBN, MS, CDN, CNS, CCN The “Original Blood Detective”

Blood Detective™ Nutritionals wants to make a difference in people’s lives. By providing innovative nutritional products and educational resources, we have positioned ourselves as a leader among evidence-based nutrition companies. Dr. Michael Wald, the brain-child of his nutritional companies special formulations, tirelessly researches to insure that his popular and ever-expanding nutritional product line is the most innovative…keeping pace with the needs of the world community. Dr. Wald’s extensive scientific and clinical research efforts help to insure that doctors, nutritionists and patient’s alike reach their health goals.

A Personal Message from Dr. Michael Wald, President of Blood DetectiveNutritionals

I’ve been sick myself having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when I was just 18 years old. The diagnosis of MS motivated me to learn absolutely everything that I could in all areas of health and disease prevention and treatment. Producing both high-quality nutritional products and blood nutritional interpretation software for doctors was a necessary endeavor for my own health goals.

My Blood DetectiveNutritionals products are formulated around the needs of real people. I wanted to create nutritional products from my personal and clinical experience – and I am very proud of the results that people have achieved for their health. I created my Blood Detective nutritional software programs to fill a niche – namely, to allow health care providers to quickly, accurately and expertly provide their patients with personalized dietary and nutritional supplement advice.

Purity, innovation and scientific evidence are the fundamental principles upon which Blood Detective™ Nutritionals are based. Exhaustive scientific research, and real-life clinical application, has contributed to the creation of my comprehensive line of quality nutritional supplements. From our Zinc Picolinate to our Cerebro-Neuroplex, Blood Detective™ Nutritionals provides a line of products to meet your needs. I’m particularly proud of my vegetarian, organic omega 3 smoothie and my concentrated food supplements Longevity Complete, Green Detox and Reds Protect – these are unique products that virtually everyone should be taking!

I’m 46 years old now, run half and full marathons, lift weights and do karate…simply put, I am the healthiest that I have every been having taking my own formulations for years. My productivity is “off the charts” having published over 10 books on nutrition, running a holistic medical clinic, father of three and just living life to the fullest!

Summary of Dr. Michael Wald's education:

Board Certified (Diplomate) status awarded by the CBCN/Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition as a  DCBCN designation

Board Certified (Diplomate) status awarded by the ACBN/The American Clinical Board of Clinical Nutrition as a DACBN designation

A certified dietician-nutritionist (CDN)

A certified nutritional specialist (CNS)

A certified clinical nutritionist (CCN)

He holds a postgraduate degree in chiropractic (DC) from the University of Health Sciences (Los Angeles College of Chiropractic) 

A masters degree in nutrition (MS) from the University of Bridgeport

Dr. Wald earned his MD degree from the University of Health Sciences School of Medicine in Antigua and unlicensed. 

A Certified Sports Nutritionist by the International Society of Sports Nutritionists

A graduate of the Functional Medicine Institute (IFM)

A current board member of the CBCN (Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition)

Was past director of education for the International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN) the world’s largest natural health nutrition organization - influencing the topics and experts who educate natural health care providers around the world

I wish you the very of health and happiness for you too!

With Respect and Admiration,

Dr. Michael Wald