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Dr. Wald practicing standing jumps


Sports Nutrition

Who better than Dr. Michael Wald, double-board certified sports nutritionist to design your sports enhancement plan?

Here's how he does it:

Hello, I'm Dr. Michael Wald and if you are serious about being the best that you can be as an athlete, then I'm certain that I am the most qualified person for you to meet.

As a marathon runner and weight lifter myself, and someone who treats many athletes of all levels of skills, I feel that I am the person to help you get where you want to go - sports wise that is!

I do my best work when I sit with you face-to-face and review my comprehensive assessment questionnaires...they help me gain important and crucial insights into which assessment I might suggest you let me perform. Blood and other forms of tests often help me bring athletes to the next level. 

Your athletic goals, aspirations, prior injuries and all other concerns are discussed so that Dr. Wald can be mindful of all of your personal needs.

Then, Dr. Wald's Sports Specific Lab Panel will be drawn. This is the most comprehensive set of blood tests that you have likely ever seen. By comprehensively looking at many biochemical and physiological pathways I can provide you with individualized food and nutritional supplement recommendations.


I'll teach you...

- What to eat

- When to eat it

- What supplements might improve your performance in the areas of strength, explosiveness, focus, injury prevention, reaction time and more. 

DON'T GUESS!  Your health and athletic efforts or career deserves an to get to the next level. Dr. Wald knows how to get you there!  


* Dr. Wald earned his MD degree and is unlicensed to practice medicine.