Research Option

Dr. Michael Wald and Dr. Nilay Shah are available to provide extended research into your particular health concerns. Both of our doctors have vast knowledge in a large variety of medical health issues, medical treatments and procedures and both medical and nutritional interventions. All of our patients benefit from the knowledge of our doctors…and we are proud to be of significant service to our patients.

Often we are approached by individuals and groups wishing to have one or both of our doctors provide undivided research regarding one or more health issues beyond what would usually be provided or regularly available. For example, we treat many patients with multiple sclerosis and our doctors possess great knowledge regarding the nutritional and medical management/treatment of this potentially devastating condition. Imagine, if you will, if in addition to the current state of information that our doctors now have (i.e., for multiple sclerosis), if they were to spend several full days, weeks or months researching the medical and health literature for “hidden pearls” and other information that would otherwise take years to accumulate – just for you or a loved one? Imagine no further! Our doctors are ready to provide this service, as necessary.

A consultation (15-minute no charge) is required to clarify this service and to discuss individualized cost.