#Mediteranian #Diet Might Help Prevent #ADHD (Attention #Hyperactivity Disorder) - Dr. Wald, The BloodDetective, Interviewed in #The Olive Oil Times

Children across the country with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are commonly prescribed medications that carry an array of side effects. Is it possible that following the Mediterranean diet (MedDiet) might help prevent the malady?

A new study at the University of Barcelona in Spain sought the answer to the question by investigating the eating habits of 120 participants between the ages of 6 and 16, half of whom had been diagnosed recently with ADHD. The youth were required to report the foods that comprised their typical meals. The data obtained was used to determine the difference in the degree of adherence to the MedDiet between those with and without the disorder.

Many of the typical medications for ADHD might be interpreted to have a risk-to-benefit ratio that causes pause.

#Reversing #Aging - Learn the Blood Detective's Secrets: Dr. Michael Wald

Join Dr. Michael Wald, host of, Ask The Blood Detective, as he explores practical lifestyle and natural methods for reversing biological aging. Perspectives of our personal aging process, and what is possible with natural approaches, is radically changing. Even in traditional medical circles the concept and practical application of using drugs, diet, cold therapy, herbs, phytonutrients and other anti-aging strategies, is here to stay. As director of Longevity at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco in Westchester, NY, Dr. Wald helps his patients get well naturally by developing personalized health plans. Dr. Wald can be reached at 914-242-8844. His email and website are: www.IntegratedNutritionNY.com/email: info@BloodDetective.com

#HEALTH CONFIDENCE - By #Dr. Michael Wald, Host of, Ask The #Blood #Detective on #PRNFM.com



Dr. Michael Wald, known as the blood detective, is host of, Ask The Blood Detective every Saturday at 1 pm on PRNFM online radio. Health Confidence has been "...called one of Dr. WALD's best shows ever due to the depth of his discussions on how Health Confidence literally and biochemically sets the stage for health building and disease formation. Dr. WALD skillfully intertwines how our concepts about health shape our chemistry and how to use real world science, like blood testing, to maximize quality of life and perhaps premature death. Dr. Michael Wald is Supervisor of Longevity at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco. Www.IntegratedNutritionNY.com. Email: Info@BloodDetective.com

THE #BEST #DIET! - Know what the #BloodDetective knows! #Dr. Michael Wald

#Vitamin Lies - What #Nutritional #Supplements REALLY work?

Vitamin Lies is a REAL accounting of how and if vitamins and nutritional supplements work. Dr. Michael Wald, nicknamed The Blood Detective, cuts through the controversy and tells you the straight-dope so that you can make smarter health care choices. Are vitamins dangerous? How many people annual die of vitamin supplementations? Is what is written on the vitamin bottle true? These and more questions are answered right here! 

#You & Your #Nervous System - Protect it from #MEMORY LOSS/ #DEMENTIA, #PARKINSON'S, #STROKE & More!

Dr. Michael WALD, the blood detective, has done it again! Join Dr. WALD as he discusses how to offset your risk of brain atrophy, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, and various Health problems that can impact your nervous system which includes your brain and all of its connections to each and every organ in the body. No area of the body is escapes your nervous system Dr. Wald can be reached by calling 914-242-8844. Email him questions and show topic ideas to: Info@blooddetective.com.  Dr. WALD is the supervisor of nutrition at Integrated nutrition of Mount KISCO located in Westchester New York just one hour north of New York City by train or car. His website is www.integratednutritionandy.com

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#Weight #Loss Secrets - The #Blood Detective Way!

Cut through the nonesence and lean how to lose weight easily, safely and for THE LONG TERM!

#Weight #Loss Breakthroughs - from #Dr. Wald, The #BloodDetective

Join Dr. Michael Wald, nicknamed the Blood Detective, during his practical and informative exploration of what he has found effective, over the course of his 26+ years in clinical practice, of how you can effectively lose weight permanently!  Dr. WALD can be reached at his clinic integrative nutrition of Mount Kisco by calling 914-242-8844 or emailing him at info@integratednutritionny.com or info@blooddetective.com.

#The Most Important Nutritional #Supplements for Your Health & Wellbeing - By #Dr. Michael Wald, The #BloodDetective, DC, MD, Board Certified #Nutritionist

The most important nutritional supplements for your health and well-being: this show is a must for anyone who takes, or is thinking of taking, nutritional supplements in addition to a balanced diet. Dr. WALD will take you through the confusion that exists on the web, in textbooks and that you might even hear from seemingly qualified healthcare providers. This may very well be the most important show on attritional supplements you've ever heard! Dr. WALD can be reached at Integrated nutrition of Mount Kisco by calling 242-8844/www.integratednutritionny.com/info at IntegratednutritionNY.com.

#Frankenfoods - Dangers of #Genetically Modified Foods: Controversy, Lies & Your Health, By #Dr. Michael Wald, #The BloodDetective

Frankenfoods - Danger of GMO: Controversy, Lies & Your Health is a comprehensive discussion of what you need to know to educate and protect yourself from potential GMO food dangers. Dr. Wald, author of Frankenfoods, has done something special here. He has taken a complex topic and broken it down. GMO antibiotic resistance, toxicity and potential disease-connections are revealed. Join, The BloodDetective, Dr. Michael Wald to get and stay healthy! Dr. Wald can be reached at: info@IntegratedNutritionNY.com or by calling 914-242-8844.

#Autoimmunity - How #Premature #Aging, #Poor Nutrition & #Misunderstandings Lead to #Autoimmune Disease

Could your health problems be the result of a hidden autoimmune process? Have your doctors told you that your lab work is a sensually normal, but you still suffer from all sorts of symptoms that are seemingly unconnected? Tune into Dr. Michael Wald on his upcoming show, Everything Autoimmune for answers. Dr. Wald, the blood detective will discuss how autoimmunity works in the body and what if any dietary, nutritional supplement and other lifestyle means might effectively interfere and potentially reverse distractive autoimmune changes. Start feeling better today and listen to Dr. Michael Wald, The Blood Detective on, Ask The Blood Detective, every Saturday at 1 PM on PRNFM.com. Send your questions and show topic ideas to: info at Integrated nutrition and Y.com or email Dr. WALD at info@integratednutritionandy.com. To schedule an appoint with Dr. WALD call Integrated Nutrition at 914-242-8844.

#Breast #Cancer - What You Need to Know for Treatment & #Prevention - by #Dr. Michael Wald, Host of, "Ask The #BloodDetective on PRNFM.com

Breast cancer is a pervasive disease affecting woman (and also men) at virtually any adult age. Controversy and confusion surround the use of diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle in terms of what works for treatment and prevention. Dr. Wald, The Blood Detective, explores the role of antioxidants by themselves and combined with radiation and chemotherapy. Should you take nutritional supplements like vitamins and herbs during your cancer therapies? How do you know what to take if you do want to approach breast cancer or prevention with nutritional supplements and diet? This and much more is explored by Dr. Michael Wald.

#Sugar - The good, the bad, and the ugly: By The #BloodDetective, #Dr. Michael Wald, Host of "Ask The #BloodDetective" on #PRNFM.com

If you're like the average American you consume nearly 200 pounds of sugar every year. Refining process sugar is linked to a myriad of diseases which include autoimmune disease, cancer, heart disease, autoimmune problems and of course diabetes. You don't think you have a blood sugar disease? Think again! Even if your blood levels of sugar are normal your fatigue, headaches, brain fog, constipation, headaches - you name it, can have its origin in improper sugar balance. To make matters worse, Drs. commonly miss blood sugar problems when your blood glucose is normal. Join Dr. Michael Wald on his show, Ask The Blood Detective, as he explores the ins and outs of the dangers of sugar. Learn the difference between fruit sugar, glucose, sucrose and other sugars and sugar substitutes and how they impact your health and disease potential. Dr. WALD can be reached at his office at 914-242-8844. Email: www.integratednutritionny.com. Email: info@integratednutritionny.com

#Pediatric #Nutrition - Learn the basics & More for #Special Needs - By Dr. #Michael Wald, The #BloodDetective

#Longevity & #Anti-Aging - What You Need To Know: By #Dr. Michael Wald "who knows!"


"The most comprehensive talk about the aging process and the 'anti-aging' process that I have ever heard." - Mark Leder, DC

Longevity and Anti-Aging - Radio Show Description

It may be true at present that we cannot reverse the aging process from a chronicle logical point of view, but there is evidence that many aspects of biological aging are in fact reversible - biologically speaking. For example, as we age we tend to degenerate causing poor absorption of nutrition, our cholesterol tends to increase,  blood pressure tends to go up, our healing slow's, our immune systems become disrupted causing either autoimmunity or immunodeficiency along with many other known biological changes. Each of these aging biomarkers have been shown to be potentially reversible, to different extents, with the use of healthy lifestyle including nutrition, hormones, herbs, exercise and more.  Tune in to Dr. Wald and find out what you need to know to maximize your new potential and health. Dr. wall can be reached at 914-242-8844. His website is www.IntegratednutritionandY.com and he can be emailed at info@integratednutritionandy.com or info at blooddetective.com.

Visit Dr. Michael Wald, The Original Blood Detective, by calling 914-242-8844 or email him at: info@BloodDetective.com or info@IntegratedNutritionNY.com. 



It is not guaranteed that your health improvement efforts/results would be equivalent to those of Dr. Michael Wald. No claims are implied or inferred. Before beginning any health endeavor it is recommended that you discuss your interests and concerns with a licensed medical provider. 

#Everything #Immune - by The #BloodDetective, Host of Ask The #BloodDetective on #PRN/FM.com

Everything Immune by Dr. Michael Wald is a breakthrough one-hour show during which the blood detective explores the fundamentals of the immune system. According to Dr. WALD, "we have 'immune systems' not only one immune system.  Each of these immune system's require special nutritional attention in the form of diet and nutritional supplements, rest, sleep and other lifestyle factors."  Go beyond the basics and really learn what your immune systems require for your current health problem, to prevent health problems or to just feel your best. Dr. Wald be reached at www.integratednutritionny.com and emailed at info@integratednutritionny.com or info@blooddetective.com. His phone number at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco is 914-242-8844.

#Everything #Gastrointestinal - by #Dr. Michael Wald, Host of Ask The #BloodDetective on #PRN/FM.com

Listen to Dr. Wald's next show on Saturday the 29th at 1 PM on PRN/FM.com or at Dr. Wald's Blog at: www.IntegratedNutritionNY.com. As host of Ask The Blood Detective, Dr. Wald has put together a show on the essential role of the intestinal tract, but goes much further exploring the holistic associations that gut issues have upon the rest of the body and visa versa. The influence of the endocrine (hormonal), nervous, hepatic and immune system relationships are discussed in terms of their influences upon each other and for the management and curing of chronic "intestinal" problems. Go beyond cliche and cookie-cutter approaches to health and well being and tune into Ask The Blood Detective every Saturday and become your own personal Blood Detective!



#Everything You Need To Know About #Digestion - by #Dr. Michael Wald, The #BloodDetective

Everything you need to know about digestion is the title of Dr. WALD show that explores the anatomy of the digestive tract, the process of digestion and how the rest of the body is influenced by digestion and in turn is influenced by the rest of the body. According to Dr. Wald,

"...there is no cell, tissue or organ system of the body that can escape problems caused by the digestive tract. In reverse, there are no health problem that exist anywhere outside of the gut that can be improved without considering the role of the digestive tract."  

Dr. WALD is the director of health and wellness at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco in Westchester New York

Www.IntegratedNutritionNY.com or www.BloodDetective.com. Email: info@Blooddetective.com