#Your Deepest #Fears About Hidden #Health Problems - By #Dr. #Michael Wald, The #BloodDetective


Dr. Michael Wald, the Blood Detective, explore is why and help people experience fear about health problems that have not been diagnosed. Dr. WALD also offers practical strategies towards choosing the right healthcare provider and for navigating through the difficult process of getting well. “I am visited by many people who are simply afraid that they have a hidden health problems. What is worse is that some of these patients actually did have a “feeling” that something was wrong, but were ignored by their medical doctors. My approach to a person who has a vague feeling or out-right deep seeded fear about their current health or their disease predisposition, is to work them up thoroughly.” Dr. Wald goes on to say, “a thorough BloodDetective workup provides information and ultimately natural approaches that are not found in traditional medical care. Diet, stress management, body alignment, nutritional supplements and detailed blood, saliva and other tests form the health fundamentals for a holistically-minded healing approach.” Dr. Michael Wald is excepting patients by calling 914-552-1442. He provides both distance phone consultations and in person consultations. His email is: IntMedNY.com

Info@intmedny.com. His website is:IntMedNY.com