#Disease as a #Psychic #Reaction to #Bad Thinking...by #Dr. Michael Wald, The #BloodDetective


This show explores how wrong thinking may lead to poor decision making surrounding health, life and healing potential. Dr. Wald, The Blooddetective, explores how false-perceptions of the world and our use of language literally creates disease. Dr. Wald provides many examples of common false-perceptions that lead to misinterpretation of events including how we relate to our bodies and our health potential. Dr Wald says, “the term psychosomatic refers to how the mind can produce symptoms within one’s body that look and act like real diseases - but are not. The mind is a very powerful organ capable of creating false diseases but also real one’s. The term psychogenic refers to how the mind or brain has created real diseases in the body. Both of these phenomenon take from us both quality and quantity of life, but there is much we can do about how and or if we are affected. The first step to managing false or real diseases in the body that are created through the mind/brain is to simply be aware of the possibility of this phenomenon; then, once one is aware that the mind/brain can do what it can is to dig deep into the psychological, genetic and lifestyle impacts upon the self.” Dr. Wald practices in Westchester New York located an hr north of NYC. He can be reached for either a distance consultation or in-person visit by calling: 914-552-1442. His email is: info@BloodDetective.com and website: IntMedNY.com