#Antibiotic #Resistance, Lies & Truths! - #TheBloodDetective Tells The #Truth!


Antibiotic resistance is here to stay! The consumption of animals that have been fed antibiotics, years of your own antibiotic use over the course of your life span, and exposure to other individuals, places and things - may bring you closer to dying of once easily treatable Infections. Dr. Michael Wald says, “for decades the American Medical Association (AMA) has recommended to pediatricians that children with ear infections, for example, should immediately placed on antibiotics. As recent as only a few years prior to this post, the AMA no longer recommends that children with ear infections be placed on antibiotics as studies show that the ear infections predominantly clear up on their own without antibiotics; the recommendation to pediatricians today is to “make the child comfortable” placing them on tylenol for pain if needed. This is merely one example of how the medical profession has singlehandedly caused the antibiotic epidemic. To be fair, it is also acknowledge that the parent(s) of children will often display understandable anxiety in response to their child’s discomfort and often pressure doctors into prescribing antibiotics. Either the doctor prescribes the antibiotic to the anxiety-ridden parent, or the parent goes elsewhere…thus the circle of poor medicine and misunderstanding continues.” Join Dr. Michael Wald as he explores the ins and outs of this topic, a topic that affects us all. Dr. WALD is available for in person or distance consultations by calling 914-552-1442 or by emailing him at info@blooddetective.com. Dr Wald’s website is intmedny.com