#Visual Signs of #Disease - Just Look in Your Mirror! - Part II: By The #Blooddetective!

Disease often is right in front of our noses. Literally! By looking in the mirror at your hair quality, skin, eyes, teeth, joints, body shape and more you might be able to notice disease at its earliest stages or find it at an advance state… Even before your blood work shows any other maladies. Dr. Michael Wald, DC, clinical nutritionist were a few with you from head to toe life-saving visual clues and what to do about them. Dr. WALD is host of, ask the blood detective radio show and supervisor of nutrition at Integrated nutrition of Mount Kisco located 60 minutes north of New York City by train or car. Dr. Wald be reached by calling: 914-242-8844. His website is www.blooddetective.com and Integratednutrition NY.com his email is info@blooddetective.com