#Toxic #Heavy #Metals - Everything You Need to Know - By The #Blood Detective, #Dr. Michael Wald

Picture above of an MRI image of the brain with iron accumulation (ferritin) circled.

Mercury, aluminum, lead and cadmium are just a few of the toxic metals that each and everyone of us are exposed to on a daily basis. Heavy metals are known to interfere with the normal function and health of each and every cell, tissue and organ system in the body - causing symptoms ranging from brain fog, to dementia, degeneration of the brain and spinal cord, immune disorders; you name it heavy metal toxicity can cause it. Dr. Michael Wald, Blood Detective, presents a comprehensive and practical discussion of the best way to test for heavy metals on lab and how to get rid of heavy metals...once and for all! Dr. Wald is Director of Longevity at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco. Email Dr. Wald at: info@IntegratedNutritionNY.com or call Dr. Wald to become a patient at: 914-242-8844.