There Are #Fungus Among-Us!! #Fungus & #Mold Is Everywhere! - By #Dr. Michael Wald, The Blood Detective

Fugal organisms can be deadly. However, much of the time they are not deadly but they produce a large number of symptoms that go unrecognized as being caused from fungal exposure. According to Dr. Wald, "mold is fungus and more and more people are having their homes check by professional services and are finding high mold counts". Dr. Wald will discuss the different types of mold and how they can cause everything from headaches to fatigue, to joint and muscle pain and swelling, to disrupting your immune system. Find out the truth about mold, spores and fungal infections in terms of the allopathic approach and the health building. Join Dr. Wald on Ask The Blood Detective. Dr. Wald cal be reached at 914-1242-8844. His website is: and his email is: