#Detoxification #Lies: Your Questions Answered - From #The #Blood Detective

Detoxification - Truth & Lies!

By Dr. Michael Wald

Q: Detox only happens with intense effort? Ans: False. Detox occurs in every cell and at every moment, but often needs a "boost" to effects for specific health problems.

Q: There is one single best detox agent? Ans: False. The detox effort must be specific for the health problem(s), lab abnormalities and time goals.

Q: Detox and elimination are the same? Ans: False. Detox is a process of transforming toxic compounds for removal from the body and elimination is the removal process.

Q: Colonics are good to do? Ans: Rarely. A colonic stretches out the colon wall making it weaker for bowel movements; removes all naturally produced healthy bacteria & immune components and should be a last resort.

Dr. Michael Wald, The Blood Detective

Dr. Michael Wald, The Blood Detective

Q: The detox method is based solely on the toxin? Ans: False. The effort should be based on the overall needs of the body and the specific toxin plus how the toxin is to be detoxified/eliminated form the body.

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