#DETOXIFICATION DECEPTION - Truths & Lies About Natural #DTOX Efforts: By #Dr. Michael Wald, The #Blood Detective

                                    Detoxification Deception - The Blood Detective Way!

Forget what you think you know about detoxification, detox methods and what it all means for your health and longevity. Dr. Wald dismantles the many myths surrounding natural detoxification methods, laying out the truth so that you can stop wasting time and money on worthless detoxification scams - and be able to tell the difference between reasonable and ridiculous. Dr. Wald is perhaps the most credentialed nutritionist on the planet; who better than the Blood Detective to show you how to do a Real Detox!  Tune in every Saturday at 1pm or go to:www.IntegratedNutritionNY.com or BloodDetective.com for more! Dr. Wald can be reached at: info@Blooddetective.com or by calling 914-242-8844.

Ask The Blood Detective - hosted by, Dr. Michael Wald

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Ask The Blood Detective is a truly unique show because it's the only show out there that's about YOUR needs and not some average mythical person. Dr. Wald was nicknamed the Blood Detective because of his keen ability to tailor natural and nutritional health efforts to the unique biochemical and nutritional needs of his patients.  Science focuses on averages, but Dr. Wald's focus, as the original Blood Detective, is to dissect, investigate and share with his audience how it all comes back to you!

Dr. Wald says, "Natural health care and allopathic medicine often gives lip-service to helping individuals, but most often depersonalizes the person. My answer to this is to teach my audience how to navigate through the morass of misinformation out there and to discern what's useful and apply it to everyday life." Ask the Blood Detective is about exploring nutritional and other laboratory tests the, "Blood Detective Way" so that you can maximize your personal health potential. Nicknamed the Blood Detective for his reputation of cutting through the nonsense, Dr. Wald shares all of his 26 years of health and nutrition knowledge as a medical school graduate, a doctor of chiropractic, a double board certified nutritionist and overall maverick in the natural health care field.

Tune into, Ask The Blood Detective, and start to think and live well in a way you never thought possible. Dr. Wald can be reached at his office at 914-242-8844 or via email at: info@IntegratedNutritionNY.com. The website to his clinical, Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco is: www.IntegratedNutritionNY.com.