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What the science says

Dietary creatine monohydrate supplementation augments neural creatine, increases corticomotor excitability, and prevents the decline in attention that occurs during severe oxygen deficit. This is the first demonstration of creatine's utility as a neuro-protective supplement when cellular energy provision is compromised.

Translation: Creatine monohydrate increases energy within the nervous system and brain that is depleted during oxygen-depleting activities thus delaying loss of attention

Scientific Reference:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25632150

What do Mike and Tim say? - Supervisor/Clinical & Sports Nutritionists of Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco -

We use creatine for athletes, but also for those with cancer of various types and neurological diseases as these conditions are associated with loss of lean body mass and atrophy (shrinkage) and degeneration of the nervous system. Creatine is also helpful to offset sarcopenia - the loss of lean body mass that occur during aging. It is our feeling that many of us do not age "normally", but prematurely. Creatine dosing should be based upon lean body mass, health issues and the particular goals and types of athletic endeavors of interest. It is important to know that creatine supplementation will increasing blood levels of creatine, a kidney function test; not because it is harming the kidneys, but by causing what is known as a "false" elevation. Elevated creatine blood levels, without creatinine monohydrate supplementation, generally indicate a significant degree of kidney (renal) failure.

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