What You Need To Know About Your Blood Work - and what your doctor may not


Dr. Michael Wald, nicknamed the Blood Detective, is the author of The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Tests & Natural Treatments. Dr. Wald has said, "If you want to live longer and better, you must think and live differently than you have been." Dr. Wald contends that traditional doctors are not trained in health, but rather in disease care. "As necessary as disease care is", says Dr. Wald, "health care should be our primary goal...and maintaining it as naturally as possible." How does one stay or get well? Part of the answer, according to Dr. Wald, "...is to begin with a mindset of health and not disease focus; to go beyond just symptom suppression with medication, and commit to health and healing - and to do this as drugless as possible relying mostly upon "healthy lifestyle". Dr. Wald is the inventor of a software technology that compares the results of your blood and other laboratory tests to optimal or healthy ranges and not merely "clinical" or "average" ranges that regular medical doctors focus on. Dr. Wald tests his patients "holistically" by creating a Metabolic Map of his patients, identifying what he believes are the "optimal" laboratory ranges and using natural solutions. "I believe that the answer to longevity includes: a holistic perspective, testing the entire body and finding out, for each person, where their blood chemistry and nutrition should be for them. It can be done!! Listen to this show...it may change your life!