#French study showing serious health effects of #Roundup & GMOs - in the news again! #Dr. Wald, #Frankenfoods author, comments.

Dr. Michael Wald, Author of the book Frankenfoods: GMO Dangers: Controversy, Lies & Your Health

Dr. Michael Wald, Author of the book Frankenfoods: GMO Dangers: Controversy, Lies & Your Health

Last fall, Live in the Now published a story about how a French study showing the serious health effects of Roundup and GMOs was retracted from a scientific journal. This occurred six months after a former Monsanto employee was appointed to a newly created post of “Associate Editor of Biotechnology.”

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Now the study that incriminates GMOs has been republished in another journal. Here is the news account of that.


Dr. Michael Wald, Author of Frankenfoods - Dangers of GMOs: Controversy, Lies & Your Health says, "GMO-Frankenfoods are now known to cause ill-health effects in animals and humans. Evidence has been accumulating, but probably the first serious investigation of GMO’s potential adverse health effects was published in, Food and Chemical Toxicology, a peer-reviewed medical journal, in 2012. Unbelievably, the study was retracted, meaning that the journal printed a statement claiming that the studies findings by geneticist and Prof Gilles-Eric Seralini were essentially unsupported.  The fact that Environmental Sciences Europe republished the study is evidence that there is still some integrity and lack of bias remaining in the medical literature. The fight to reveal the health and environmental damage that GMOs cause is a difficult one, but I applaud the Environmental Sciences Europe for having the integrity to report the science and not back down by special interest groups like the anti-health, pro-GMO interest groups and scientists."