Death-by-Bagel! - By The #Blood Detective, #Dr. of his new upcoming book, #Gluten-A-Holic.


I like bagels just like the next person, but bagels are loaded with gluten and gluten is bad!!

Gluten is a compound found in gluten containing grains such as wheat, barley, rye and oats. My articles and videos reveal many more sources and health problems associated with gluten consumption. 

Can eating a bagel kill you? Well, yes if you choke on it!! But death-by-bagle can happen in other more insidiously ways.  Here's how -  

When you eat gluten it may slowly damage your small intestine lining - the place where you absorb most of your foods. If you damage the lining then you cannot absorb what you eat as well. Over time, this "malabsorption" causes certain nutritional deficiencies that can cause many obvious or vague health problems. Here are a few examples:

- malabsorption of calcium can cause osteoporosis and bleeding problems

- malabsorption of  protein can cause or worsen depression, impair healing and energy and weaken your immune system

- malabsorption of iron causes iron-deficiency anemia and weakness, brain-fog and heart palpitations

- malabsorption of zinc can lower sperm count, enlarge the prostate, contribute to lower immunity and impaired healing

-gluten is known to damage blood vessels causing heart and blood vessel disease.

- gluten can be the cause of constipation or diarrhea, eczema, bloating and weight gain!


What should you do? 

1. Familiarize yourself with hidden gluten foods/ingredients.

2. Take Multivitamin/mineral and Enzyme Complex.  Everyone needs a great multivitamin and mineral to offset malnutrition, malabsorption and to provide extra nutritional protection within a balanced diet. Enzymes help digest our foods and studies have shown that enzymes can reduce gluten intolerance, but is not a substitute for gluten elimination. Dr. Wald's Multivitamin and Enzyme Complex can be purchased here:



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