Immune System Strengthening - How It's Done!


Hello Valarie:

Thank you for asking this question regarding how to reduce your chances of catching an infection from your husband. It's important to realize that the immune system does indeed determine how susceptible we are to becoming sick from viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and other infections agents. I have outlined below some of my best general nutritional "picks" or choices that should help maximize immunity. The best way to to support one's immune system to treat and prevent poor health and disease risk if through comprehensive blood and other forms of laboratory work. Having said this, below are nutritional supplements that I put almost every one of my patients on.

Dr. Wald's pics for immune health. Dr. Wald has designed these concentrated foods and nutritional supplements over the course of his clinical experience over 25 years of working with patient's with serious immune issues, those that want to maintain their health and those interested in longevity. 

1. Reds Protect -  found here: 

2. Green Detox - found here:

3. Longevity Complete - found here:

4. Immune Balance 20 - found at: 

5. Buffered Vitamin C - found at:

(** All of these products designed by Dr. Wald can be found at:

Consider my general health suggestions found here: 

1.     Questions and Answers about the immune system and diet and nutritional considerations:
2.     Dr. Wald's, Health Diet Basics

I do hope that this helps.  This and more of Dr. MIchael Wald's responses can be found on the AE website:
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Dr. Michael Wald
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