DISEASED LIVER - not specific to GMO

DISEASED LIVER - not specific to GMO

Toxicity - An excerpt from Dr. Michael Wald's upcoming book, Frankenfoods - Controversy, Lies & Your Health available in 4 weeks!! Order your copy today (

A toxin is a substance that by definition is harmful to the human body. Toxins are ubiquitous, meaning toxins are found everywhere…inside and outside of the body. There is virtually no health condition or disease that does not involve some level of toxin accumulation and/or require detoxification. The process of detoxification occurs in most body cells and especially in the liver and gastrointestinal tract. The skin, lungs, cardiovascular system, kidneys and lymphatic organs also carry out detoxification.

Some toxins, known as exogenous toxins, by definition, enter the body from external environments, the foods we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Yet other toxins are produced within the body, known as endogenous toxins. I do not believe that the current knowledge on the topic of GMOs is adequate to anticipate the toxin potential of GM crops. This topic deserves study before GMOs are made part of our daily diets. Concern regarding toxins is real, as theoretical toxin exposure from GMOs can arise from resistant bacteria that produce toxins themselves, pesticides produced by the GM food (e.g., corn) and disrupted DNA caused by the process of artificial gene insertion. Genetic manipulation of foods by definition produces unnatural and often unforeseen effects that could include increased toxin production and/or stronger plant toxins produced by GM crops themselves.

Incomplete and biased studies, DNA transfer, bacterial resistance, toxicity and reduced nutritional balance are just some of the concerns that demand further review and study. Until these and other concerns are addressed, GMOs should not be allowed into our food or non-food (i.e., medications and cosmetics) products.

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