Brown Rice – Is it causing my constipation?

Dr. Wald’s answer: “Typically brown rich contains both soluble and insoluble healthy fibers that should help the bowel more along (improve what is known as intestinal transit time). However, the only way to know for sure if brown rice causes constipation in you, or whomever you are concerned about, is to try eating it and see what happens.  Brown rice contains the insoluble fiber hull on the outside while white rice does not. It is the fiber that "exercises" the colon helping it to contract and produce normal intestinal movements called peristaltic waves.  The fiber in brown rice also acts as a substance for intestinal bacteria to feed upon; in their efforts, the intestinal bacterial produce many helpful chemicals that keep the colon healthy and even help reduce colon cancer risk - caprylic and butyric acids are two examples of healthy byproducts of fibers contained in brown rice.  Check out Dr. Wald’s nutritional products at: especially Reds Protect, Green’s Detox and Longevity Complete.

Posted on January 12, 2013 and filed under General Health.