Grave’s Disease – a disease of the thyroid gland

Question for Dr. Wald – “What can I do nutritionally to help my Grave’s Disease? I have low energy, swollen lymph nodes and elevated white blood cells.” Dr. Wald’s response: “Your known thyroid condition can certainly be the cause of your issues with energy and weight gain - as I suspect that you already know. However, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and elevated white blood cells may indicate a far more serious condition. You might want to consult with another physician. Hopefully, the doc should perform either a sonogram or possibly will choose to biopsy a lymph node or two to rule out lymphoma. Many health issues can cause enlarged lymph nodes that are not particularly serious, but enlarged lymph nodes along with your other symptoms should not be ignored. However, your doctor may be monitoring you appropriately.  The causes of low thyroid such as an autoimmune cause (i.e., hashiomto's thyroiditis) or mercury, or selenium deficiency or iodine deficiency for example should be sought. It is quite possible that whatever is causing your lymph nodes to swell might be infections (i.e., viral) and this can too cause many of your other symptoms.”  Check out Dr. Wald’s nutritional products at: especially Reds Protect, Green’s Detox and Longevity Complete.

Posted on January 11, 2013 and filed under General Health.