Ask Dr. Wald: Best detox? Not just for drug tests...

Question: Dear Dr. Wald, I'm sure there is plenty on All Experts about the best product for detoxing before a drug test. While that does interest me slightly, I’m more interested in an overall purification/detox product or process. So my questions are:

1) Do you have a favorite detox product, best value, etc. for THC urine tests (like Rapid Clear, Power Flush, or the thousands on the market)?

2) Which one of these is best for a holistic cleanse of all toxins (processed foods, environmental, alcohol, etc.)?

3) What would be a reliable one-week regiment for cleansing? (Including above such products and any kind of herbal or health food store remedies?)

I know there’s no single magic elixir, but I always respect your advice, so thanks for anything to move me in that direction.


Hello Jarvis:  Detoxification is possible for many, but not all drugs, depending upon the drug in question and the time frame of consumption.  Many people visit poison control centers each year; others call and people visit the ER (emergency room) with toxic consumption of various toxins. Considering this it is not possible to be specific about drug toxins and there removal. A common drug toxicity is that of acetominophin and the remedy in the ER is n-acetyl-cysteine which is also an amino acid available in health food stores; this same detoxifier helps remove certain heavy metals and boosts immunity.  The single best detoxifier I think is DetoX that I have formulated. I developed this produce for overall detoxification and it contains a number of ingredients that cover the most fundamental detoxification pathways in the liver and intestines. It can be found at:

One week of detoxification, as a general health practice, is not likely to have any real benefit unless it is repeated multiple times per year; which is impractical for most people.  I would instead suggest the product Green Detox taken as directed found at:

The bottom line is that the best nutrients and foods to detoxify a person should be based on the toxin or toxins in questions and laboratory work. Sometimes, other health issues must be considered as well towards determining the most appropriate detoxifier.

Hope this information helps. Thanks, The Blood Detective, Dr. Michael Wald View Dr. Wald's Consulting Profile on

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