Can juicing help me balance my diet?

Dr. Wald’s response: “Juicing is a great way to enhance a balanced diet with nutrition that would otherwise be too difficult to obtain from eating just foods. Fruit and vegetable juicing contains literally thousands of healthful elements that might benefit the immune system and reduce the risk of many diseases. High in vitamin, minerals, fibers and various plant elements known as phytonutrients, juicing can help get your health to the next level. If you have blood sugar problems, or wish to avoid them, you might want to be careful not to drink too many fruit juices (even fresh) - especially if the pulp (fibers) have been removed in the juicing process; it's the fibers that help balance the blood sugar by slowing the entry of natural fruit sugars into the blood stream. It is true, but to a lesser degree, for vegetable juices.

Overall, I would say that there is no limit to the nutritional benefits that could be obtained from drinking vegetable, and to a lesser extent, fruit juices. Try my super-food juice concentrates Red’s Protect, Green’s Detox and Longevity Complete found at:”

Posted on June 2, 2012 and filed under General Health.