Can flaxseed help me balance my hormone levels?

Dr. Wald’s response: “Grinding flaxseed is a good idea! First of all, when you grind the flaxseeds you break its outer plant hull (fibrous component) allowing for far better nutritional availability of the flaxseed nutrient content. Importantly, when you ground the flaxseeds you allow for the lignin content to be far better utilized; lignin’s is a component of flaxseed proven to reduce hormone related cancer risk and helps to treat hormone related cancers once they are apparent. Lignin’s bind to various estrogens reducing estrogens stimulating effect upon estrogen sensitive tissues such as the uterus, breast and colon.  Ground flaxseeds also serve as food for intestinal bacteria; in their attempt to digest the flaxseed two important compounds known as butyric and caprylic acids are produced. These acids are associated with intestinal health and repair and even lower rates of colon cancer.”  Check out Dr. Wald’s nutritional products at: especially Reds Protect, Green’s Detox and Longevity Complete.

Posted on June 1, 2012 and filed under General Health.