Dr. Michael Wald will run this years 2011 New York City Marathon

Dr. Michael Wald will run this years 2011 New York City Marathon continuing to earn money his patients money desperately needed for them to afford their chosen natural health care therapies. Insurance companies do not often pay for alternative or adjunctive therapies such as vitamins, minerals, herbs and other natural compounds. Some of these compounds are recommended and administered for oral use, intravenous, intramuscular and subQ forms and include some of the following: - Hyperbaric oxygen - Intravenous hydrogen peroxide - herbal intravenous products - Intravenous protein products - Mercury testing - UV light blood treatments - Intravenous chelation


Our office is strongly committed to help our patients fulfill their informed health care choice and receive non-toxic and often Evidenced-Based nutritional and natural health care. For every dollar donated by you, the public, our office will donate $25 cents on the dollar towards a patients care in our office. Our office will distribute the monies received among our patients in the order most needed based on our judgment.

See Dr. Wald's blogs from his very first NYC Marathon that he ran in 4:01 minute! He plans on beating his prior time by over 20 minutes in 2011 - not bad for a 45 year old man! Dr. Wald will be sending soon his ongoing experiences with training, his continued inspirational messages and more in the form of his Blog Announcement. Please read his blogs and forward them to others for inspiration and lots of laughs (Dr. Wald is actually a pretty funny guy).

We hope that you will donate generously allowing us to continue to provide the finest natural therapies possible to our patients. To donate, simply send a check or money order directly to our office in the name of Dr. Nilay Shah: Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, 495 E. Main Street, Mount Kisco, New York 10549 With love and respect!

Dr Michael Wald (PhD, DC, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Dietician-Nutritionist, double-Board Certified Nutritionist) Dr. Nilay Shah (MD) Mr. Sunny Seward (Certified Clinical Nutritionist) Please read more about our practitioners at www.intmedny.com under the About Us section of the website on the Home Page.

Posted on August 3, 2011 and filed under General Health.