Ten Ways to Lose Weight Fast

By Dr. Michael Wald 1.     Stop eating simple sugars like cakes and candy - causes fluxes in blood sugar that will cause more fat gain by promoting hyperinsulinism…also raises triglycerides.

Drink lots of water 10 minutes before you eat any meal - helps fill you up and increases metabolic rate (under-hydration slows metabolic rate).  Water stretching the stomach sending hormonal and neurologic messages to the feeding center in the brain (the hypothalamus) that, “you’re full”.

2.     Eat high fiber foods like vegetables and fruits – nutrient dense, primarily water and fiber, stretches the stomach creating a sense of fullness.

3.     Cut out all forms of sugar containing soft drinks – promotes hyperglycemia, osteoporosis (colas) and hormonal imbalance; the latter promoting weight gain.

4.     Eliminate refined carbohydrates like bread, but substitute with multigrain instead.

5.     Perform vigorous exercise daily - short intervals of 10-15 minutes where heart rate is 75-85% of heart rate max for your age (see charts online)

6.     Work out with a friend - better focus, better results!

7.     Do jumping jacks or jump rope, even push-ups and sit-ups while watching TV.

8.     Chew your foods until they are liquid - tells the feeding center in your brain (the hypothalamus) that you are full or not as hungry.

9.     Take a multivitamin/mineral - supplies many of the baseline nutritional compounds required for metabolism.

10.  Drink  fruit smoothie for breakfast - containing lots of berries, a banana (slightly on the green side...more complex sugar as opposed to on the yellow side more simple sugars) – nutritionally rich, high fiber, satisfies the appetite.

Posted on June 23, 2011 and filed under Editorial by Dr- Wald, General Health.