Q & A: Nutritional Synergism - Just The Right Mix!

See the PDF version of this Q&A here 1. What is Nutritional Synergism (NS)? NS is a term that describes the supportive and positive health boosting effects of combinations of nutrients with nutrients; nutrients with foods; foods with nutrients and/or medications. Synergistic combinations can enhance the effects of each of the combined compounds far beyond 1 plus 1. More like, 1 plus 1 = 10! NS can literally make the difference between using the “right stuff” and it failing or success! Here is what you need to know: EXAMPLES OF POSITIVE SYNERGISM For example, if vitamin D had an effect of “ 5” in the body and melatonin “5” together they would have the power of “20”! Certain antibiotics combined with probiotics such as bifi dobacterium, saccromyces boulardii and/or lactobacillus acidophilus and plant enzymes help reduce side-effects of antibiotics and help them penetrate more deeply into tissues so they work better. Here are more important examples of POSITIVE NS Vitamin A and D; melatonin and curcumin; EFA and fat soluble vitamins; vitamin C and selenium and vitamin E and selenium; B12 and folic acid; cysplatin and NAC, methotrexate 5FU and folic acid; oxidizing forms of chemotherapy and intravenous (not oral) vitamin C, etc. There are literally hundreds of examples of NS. 2.Is just combining several types of nutrients together always synergistically? No. Very often patients that come to us have combined several powerful nutrients thinking that, because they are “natural” or “for the immune system”, that they help each other work better; not always true. See the example below of NEGATIVE synergism. EXAMPLES OF NEGATIVE SYNERGISM For a very ill person who must be careful to take the most perfect balance of nutrition possible, paying attention to nutritional synergism could make the difference between life and death. Zinc can act as an immune enhancer and so can n-acetyl cysteine (NAC), but when taken together zinc is bound-up (chelated) and therefore not effective. Iron with vitamin C causes the vitamin C to become oxidized and harmful. Copper and fi sh oils combined cause harmful oxidation (breakdown) to the oil – very dangerous to consume! 3. How can being mindful of NS make the difference for you? First thing is knowing that NS exists - now you do! Second, get nutritional testing and a Blood Detective interpretation. Don’t know what this is? Visit: http://www.intmedny.com/blood-detective.php 4. How do you fi gure out how to best use the principles of NS? Knowing where to start with nutritional food and lifestyle efforts is essential for long-term success. Visit with us for a comprehensive medical and nutritional interview to gain clarity around your health concerns and goals. If you know where you’re going you’re more likely to get there! Listen to Dr. Michael Wald’s audio show, Blood Detective for more information about this topic. Call and ask for a free copy of Blood Detective Radio Shows. Thirteen hours of natural health care secrets.

Posted on April 10, 2011 and filed under QA.