Q & A: Immunity

See the PDF version of this Q&A here 1. Which of the following comprises your immune system? a. Your white blood cells (wbc’s) aka Cell-Mediated Immune System b. Your lymphoid tissue c. Your immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE) aka Humeral Immune System d. All of the above ANSWER: All of the above, and more, comprise your immune SYSTEMS! 2. True or False: Herbs such as Echinacea, goldenseal and Astragalus increase immunity? ANSWER: True and False: The herbs are known as biological-response modifi ers which means that if your immune system is low they will increase it; and if your immune system if high it will decrease it. 3. True or False: 60-70% of your immune system is located in your small intestine? ANSWER: True – the GI tract comprises the majority of the immune system within what is known as, The Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue. Remember This – To balance your immune system you must maximize your nutrition. First, you need to test (i.e., blood work) your various immune systems and provide the specifi c balance of lifestyle factors including herbs and various nutritional supplements to kick it into high gear! 4. True or False: As we age, our immune system(s) can both increase and decrease at the same time? ANSWER: True – the cell-mediated immune system (the white blood cells) often decreases with aging while the humeral immune system (immunoglobulins) increases; this increase is sometimes called auto-immune disease. 5. Which of the following nutritional compounds can potentially improve (balance) immunity? a. Ginseng b. Testosterone c. Plant proteins d. Glandular supplements (i.e., thymus, intestine, spleen, liver, etc.) e. NAC f. Vitamin C ANSWER: All of these can help balance protein. Here is a partial explanation – Ginseng, actually a group of adaptogenic herbs, powerfully modifi es cell-mediated immunity. Testosterone is essential for all aspects of immunity and is anti-infectious. Plant proteins are essential for both the cell-mediated and humeral immune systems. Glandulars reduce autoimmune processes by affecting the humeral immune system. NAC is a precursor to a powerful immune modulating substance known as glutathione. Vitamin C modifi es both the cell and humeral immune systems. 6. True or False: Consuming immune modifying nutritional compounds is always safe? ANSWER: False – Immune modulating nutrients always have other effects and may have adverse effects. There use should be based on physical signs and symptoms, lab work, medications, other nutrients and other factors,

Posted on March 12, 2011 and filed under QA.