Detox what? Mercury is different from cadmium which is detoxified differently from estrogen or toxins from fungi or bacteria resulting from a leaky gut. There is no one size fits all detox, there is only creating a detox plan based upon your comprehensive health needs. Testing and conversation plus questionnaire get down to what toxin(s) need detoxifying and how they should be removed. Plus, you must fix the toxin exposure and your organs that are not detoxifying properly.

The concept of detoxification, according to Dr. Michael Wald, has been misunderstood and is often incorrectly managed in the natural health care field, but there is a solution!  "Too many people that I see think that they are detoxing, but much of the time there is no detoxification happening at all. Here's why...

Dr. Wald's READ DTOX Plan is based upon the reality that different toxins often require different and even unique methods of detoxification. Also, toxins are removed naturally from the body through differing elimination pathways. The skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, lymphatics are just a few of the major detoxification pathways. When toxins are removed from the body they require specific detoxification compounds (i.e, medications, foods and nutritional supplements), but the health care provider must also consider which of the bodies detoxification pathways is the best way to rid the body of the toxin(s) in question. If, for example, a person's kidneys or liver is diseased then promoting detoxification through these organs could be dangerous. A "REAL" detoxification system must consider at least the following factors for "REAL" detoxification:

1.     The entirety of your health and medical history

2.     The entirety of a person's body chemistry with testing of most if not all body systems.

3.     The toxin or toxins to be eliminated.

4.     Consideration of when, how and to what extent the toxin(s) should be removed.


Dr. Wald's REAL DTOX Plan is here!

SO YOU THINK THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT DETOX? MAYBE NOT...HAVE A LISTEN TO DR. WALD'S TRULY SPECIAL SHORT RADIO SHOWS BELOW. Don't try any detoxification method until you have listened to what the Blood Detective has to say in his five part detoxification series, DETOX DECEPTION.

"Detoxification is an essential life process, taking place in every single body cell, at every moment. Detoxification approaches currently available are often too generalized, insufficiently potent and are often not based on the real health problems at hand."  Below are several short radio shows that disppell many detoxification myths. If you are thinking of doing some sort of detoxification effort, it's essential that you listen to Dr. Wald's shows, Dtox Deception Parts I through V.  


1.    I begin with a thorough health and medical intake to determine and prioritize your health issues and where and how we should begin.

2.     Based upon our detailed discussion I will create a list of essential laboratory and other forms of tests that will help individualize your efforts. This plan will not only include          searching for specific toxins, but will look at most body systems to see which systems and to what extend they have been affected by toxicity or toxicities secondary effects.

3.     It is often not enough to simply provide "detoxification foods and nutritional supplements" simply because all efforts, if they are to get to the bottom of things, must provide the body with the foods, supplements and other health approaches based upon your chemistry...and NOT merely the toxin or toxins present in your system.

4.     My DTOX line of products are broad enough in terms of their formulations to search as a "base" for many health efforts including detoxification. 

5.     In short, an effective DTOX program must - 

     -     Dispel myths and fallacies regarding detoxification (listen to Dr. Wald's DTOX DECEPTION shows) and be based on the reality of your personal situation.

     -     Account for health issues in many areas that many natural health care providers either cannot test properly due to the limitation of their scope of practice or expertise.

     -     Be organized and structured in terms of questionnaires and consultations to explore and continually clarify one's detoxification needs; include appropriate tests to keep track of progress and must improve quality of life.

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